Welcome to Four & Melrose

Hi! Welcome to Four & Melrose. This blog is all about the trials, victories, and inspirations of a small streetwear brand in Orlando, FL. You can expect some content to be motivational and very informative, and some to be personal and filled with lessons learned as I fumble my way through the production of high quality clothes and display my art.

What Four & Melrose is about:

You might be asking yourself "What is Four & Melrose?" and I'm happy to answer that just for you! Four & Melrose is a fashion experiment by me, Jack West. I'm a 25 year old creator living in Orlando, FL. My brand is a form of creative expression taking stories from my life, inspirations from the places I've been, and hopes and dreams I have for the future.

You see, I'm not exactly in the place I want to be yet. I think a lot of people can relate with that. I always knew I was creative and had stories to tell, but I couldn't find my outlet for a long time. In fact, I used to work full time hours at jobs RELATED to fashion, style, and that world. I realized that working for someone else wasn't for me, so now I hope to inspire others and share my vision. 

I always had a love/hate relationship with fashion. I feel like creative expression through clothes was so special and I wanted to be a part of it, but fashion can be so wasteful and bad for the earth! So I started this brand with the goal of following sustainable business practices and "doing no harm" as a mission statement. 

Brand Updates, BTS, and a streetwear community:

This blog will be action packed with brand updates, like this!

- Today the site has been completely renewed to make things easier for you to browse, fit more in line with the image I have for the Four & Melrose story, and overall perform better!

- I am releasing a new collection very soon which will contain my most affordable T-Shirt yet! Be prepared for a dope design priced at $15 USD. I'm very proud of the artwork and story behind it and can't wait to share more.

- I'm also working on a project with other brands in the Orlando area, so I'll share more details as they come!

This will also work as a catalog of events and behind the scenes stories as I work through and produce this brand. Everything is conceptualized by me, and that can be very complicated and takes a lot of work! I look forward to sharing more in future posts.

What is the Four & Melrose difference:

Obviously I think my brand is special and unique, but I'm not alone in thinking that. A lot of my designs seem to inspire and lift up others, if you've picked up a hoodie or a T-shirt and it becomes your favorite it actually makes my year. It's also amazing because I'm able to get paid doing what I love, and can afford to share some of the proceeds for causes I believe in (Which helps build the world I want to see!) This brand has been such a fun project to develop and I work everyday to develop it further because I KNOW I can do it. 

If you're following along for the ride I appreciate you so much, please stick around! Comment and keep in touch!

Talk soon,

- Jack West

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