Reflecting on 1 Year of Four & Melrose

April 26, 2021


The Beginning 

In February 2020, Covid19 started to make headlines. China, Europe and especially Italy were already making international headlines as hospitals were starting to fill up. I remember there was news that some cruises were being quarantined and the guests experiencing an extended stay. I told my boss at the time "So, do you think this could shut down our shop soon?"


I didn't like my job. I sold socks at an outdoor vendor stand in Disney Springs in FL. When I wasn't working I was thinking about what would eventually become Four & Melrose. I wasn't making enough money at the time and I thought I didn't have enough time to pursue my dream of starting a clothing brand. Then I was furloughed; I had nothing BUT time.

My first print with a cheap, used press I bought before 2020

 It was time to get to work. I bought a cheap, used press in November 2019, and I finally made my first print in March. It took me 4 months! My excuse was "Not enough time." And now it was time to move. I set a goal for myself, I was NOT going back to Disney Springs. I had fire under my feet and I was ready to move. 

Why Four & Melrose?

Developing a brand doesn't sound too hard, right? IT'S INSANELY HARD! I didn't really know what I was getting myself into, but I'm learning as I go, and having a blast. Something I caught onto really early on is that clothing brands don't just make clothes because they can, or to fit a certain theme, or because they have an inspired artist behind them. Clothing brands are to build a community, and if I wanted to invest all my time into this, I had to invest my heart and soul as well. Here comes the why:

I want to build a community of like-minded artists, entrepreneurs, and do-ers who are making their visions come to life through their actions. My designs are meant to inspire and bring joy to those people. So themes like culture, great architecture, and famous art are my main pulls for inspiration. 

What I've Learned

I feel like I've grown so much as an artist this past year. My craft, my speed, and my passion have only grown and improved. Some of my favorite designs I've made are my Koi Pond Hoodie, Orangutan Suede Tee, and the Audrey Pullover Hoodie and for different reasons. They all pull inspiration from things I value in life and I personally wear them all the time!

Part of developing my brand as a one man team has required me to wear many hats, and I'm constantly learning to improve my work flow and manifest my intentions. If you've been paying attention to the story so far, just keep buckled up and wait to see what's in store, big ideas, collabs and designs are in store for 2021.

Thank You So Much!

I couldn't be chasing my dreams without the support of my friends, family, and new friends and supporters like you reading. I'm able to keep going and develop my passions because of it, and I wanted to give a tangible thank you back with my latest releases.

Koi Dragon tote bagZoom in on Koi Dragon Tote


To Celebrate Four & Melrose' 1 Year Anniversary, I've designed this Dragon Koi Tote. "I'm not where I want to be yet... But thank God I'm not where I was!" This will be available very soon as a limited drop. They will be FREE, but limited to 10 bags, so keep an eye out!

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