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Gibbon Suede Print Tee

$30 $40

Embrace the Ape with the new Ape collection Tees. Humans and Apes are only different by a small percentage. Gibbons can communicate over long distances using a range of vocal screams and calls. Their long arms make them majestic climbers and they also possess the ability to use rocks and sticks as tools. 

I wanted to celebrate these amazing animals with a collection that celebrates their form in a minimalist and eco-friendly way. I'm also making a return with the Rainforest Trust


5% of the proceeds from this collection will benefit the Rainforest trust, which contributes directly to acquiring endangered land, not just in the Amazon, but in Asia and Africa where deforestation occurs.

100% American made 6.5 oz Cotton (Source: Los Angeles Apparel)

Eco-Friendly water-based "suede" touch puff ink prints

Hand printed by me in Orlando, FL


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