Where is your Zen Garden?

Where is your Zen Garden? 

That is the question. In old word Japan, Zen gardens and specifically artwork depicting Zen gardens took their roots in Buddhism and the idea that embracing the mundane and peaceful nature of caring for a simple garden can help bring oneself closer to inner peace.

Gardens were not only for the affluent or powerful, but even moreso for the farmers and average laborers, to carve a sliver of nature into their own homestead, or to exert some control over nature around them. 

This collection seeks to ask the wearer not just WHERE they can build their garden, but WHAT their garden is to them. Everyone can have their own unique idea of a Zen garden. For some that could be finding a sweet spot to skate. For others it could be preparing a cup of coffee in the morning, or taking time to relax after work. 

Released in February 2022, you can find the Zen Collection available for a limited time.



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