Founder Jack West sitting and smiling at the camera. Wearing the Sandhill Crane t-shirt

Jack West - Owner and Designer

"A Place Between Cities" - Four & Melrose brings together two cities from the East and West Coast. The inspiration for the designs comes from experiences from living in Los Angeles and Orlando. 

What I do

Every design I make intends to tell a story and exists as a form of artistic expression for me. Part of the Four & Melrose mission is to "do no harm" by telling my stories in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, and to make clothes that will last for years and years. 

Why I do it

"A Place Between Cities" is meant to speak to those on the cusp of making great personal or creative changes. Every collection and piece is designed to tell stories of growth and pursuit of passion. Wholesome and positive streetwear has a place in the world for aspiring people, and that's what Four & Melrose is all about.

I am open to connect with! You can email me

Or find me on instagram - @jackwestiv