Founder Jack West sitting and smiling at the camera. Wearing the Sandhill Crane t-shirt

Jack West - Owner and Designer

"A Place Between Cities" - Four & Melrose brings together two cities from the East and West Coast. The inspiration for the designs comes from experiences from living in Los Angeles and Orlando. 

What I do

Every design I make intends to tell a story and exists as a form of artistic expression for me. Part of the Four & Melrose mission is to "do no harm" by telling my stories in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, and to make clothes that will last for years and years. 

Why I do it

The tagline is "A Place Between Cities" because I consider myself to be an aspiring nomad and worldly man, and a lot of things I want in the world just don't exist yet. Just about anything you can imagine that is good can be found at the corner of Four & Melrose. That's what it's all about. Many of my products also contribute to charities and non-profits that work to create bits of the world I want to see for myself. 

I am open to connect with! You can email me

Or find me on instagram - @jackwestiv